Communication Strategy Development


Delivering a proactive and strategically aligned approach to internal communication. We will support you in defining the key practices, techniques, contributors and schedule for communications which will deliver improved performance for your organisation.

We will work with you to:

Establish the strategic vision for internal communication

Define the measures and targets for a successful communications strategy

Identify mechanisms for identifying and managing communication priorities

Define the methods of communication

Identify and categorise the key communications contributors along with required capabilities

Produce a communications matrix – mapping key messages with communication methods

Produce a schedule for key communications

Establish mechanisms to continually review the effectiveness of the communications strategy

The resultant strategy will be accompanied by a time bound implementation plan to address any gaps between the strategy and the current position.


A clear and measurable vision for internal communications is established

A process and schedule for effective communications is established

Ad hoc communication requirements accounted for

Communication aligned to organisation’s Vision, Culture and Strategy

The capabilities of those contributing to communications are clearly defined

Alignment and scheduling to ensure maximum impact.


A combination of meetings and workshops depending on the needs of the organisation.


£750 per day