Our intranet is continuously developing to meet the needs of our users.

We aim to provide a range of features which take the best elements of the technologies which are emerging around us and utilise them in a coherent manner which will add maximum value to our clients.

We believe that the adoption and application of these features has a key role to play in the engagement of your workforce and the development & delivery of your organisation’s culture.



All organisations have a culture and, more often than not, numerous sub-cultures. Your organisation’s culture is defined and personified by the way people throughout the workforce behave.

The more aware you and your workforce are of the desired culture for your organisation and the associated behaviours, the more likely you are to build a strong organisational culture or personality.

To quickly test the strength of your culture take a minute to consider how people would describe your organisation’s personality. The easier it is to answer this question provides a guide as to how strong your culture is.





The combination of Intranet content, design and functionality influences how your employees understand, engage with and contribute to the culture of your organisation.

Focusing on the 4 areas of Content, Communication, Collaboration and Productivity, you can develop an intranet that plays a central role in generating, building and reinforcing your organisation's desired culture and behaviours.






  • intranetContent-01

    Content is king and great Intranets manage content well.

    If your people can’t find the information that they need when they need it then your intranet is not doing its job!

    The following features of our intranet ensure that content is not only easy to find, it also works proactively to find you!

    Quick Search

    Save time by using the Quick Search functionality located on the Intranet Tool Bar, which is always visible on your intranet, to find the most commonly searched for content.

    Full Search

    Make it simple for employees to collaborate, communicate, share ideas, and get answers throughout your company using Intranet Search. A great way to reduce email, improve transparency and get a faster response using your intranet

    Failure to Find

    Make it easy for users to highlight content that is not categorised correctly or missing so you can easily amend and ensure your intranet remains relevant and useful.

    Did you mean?

    Looks at popular searches and content in your intranet and helps people find content that they misspell - even acronyms that may only be relevant to your company.

    Intelligence Store

    Helping you to deliver relevant and timely communication to your users, making sure vital information on your intranet isn't missed.

    Using data from a user's profile, timeline, search history, preferences, who they follow, topics they are interested in and much more, the information is then fed into tools which uncover content and people that are very likely to be important to a user's work.

    Mandatory Read

    Ensure critical information is read on your intranet

    Improving information dissemination and ensuring critical information is read by those who need to see it can be achieved with a single tick. Mark specific content as a Mandatory Read, and record who has read the page and issue reminders where appropriate.

  • intranetIconCommunication

    Communicating the right information, to the right people at the right time can often be a time consuming and seemingly endless task.

    Make communication powerful, timely and hassle-free with the following Intranet features.


    Use our homepage manager to quickly design dynamic homepages which deliver the right information to the right people. Create attractive and useful homepages with minimal training using our templates as your basis.

    Develop different homepages for different groups, ensuring that the most relevant information sits on people’s homepage depending on their job role or interests.


    Blogs area a great way to improve internal communication and helps build a sense of community within a company; breaking down information silos, boosting employee morale and productivity. It also offers an enhanced opportunity for feedback and collaboration with employee to manager and employee to employee.

    Personalised Timelines

    A timeline is an essential feature for any intranet and presents employees with intelligently tailored content that helps them get work done faster and easier.

    Content Management System

    Our Intranet provides an intuitive intranet content management system which allows non-technical users to create attractive, engaging pages with minimal training.

    Media Manager

    Add images, video and flash in seconds with our Media Manager. A great place to store logos, icons or company imagery for all to access. Plus the 'Image Picker' offers a range of optimal sizes including web ready images so there is no need to edit the image dimensions.


  • intranetIconCollaboration


    The more we collaborate with our colleagues in a timely and effective manner, the more we tap into the true potential of our organisation.

    Use your intranet to embrace the combined intelligence and insight of your workforce. Use the following features to connect the right people at the right time in a hassle free manner which drives efficiency and innovation for improved business performance.

    People Directory

    The heart of any social intranet is the People Directory, helping employees locate their co-workers quickly and ensure collaboration is made easy. Our feature rich people directory provides you with everything you need.


    Breaking down company silos and simplifying group collaboration by providing a single platform for communities of common interest, regardless of location. Permission options can easily be selected to make team open, private or hidden.


    Makes it easy for employees to start a discussion online and collaborate with their peers to solve their business problems in a fast and effective way.


    Provides a topic based area for surfacing ideas in your company and offering a unique way to vote and take immediate action as a result.


    Quick way to get the best answers to questions using this effective crowd sourcing tool. Puts an end to answering the same question again and again by the experts in your company.

  • intranetIconProductivity

    Research shows that the most respected and utilised Intranets available are those which enable people to undertake tasks and activities efficiently and effectively.

    Our Intranet offers easy to use software that helps to improve employee productivity and instantly streamlines time-consuming processes within your company to save time and money.

    Workflow forms

    Streamline processes with workflow & forms by making paper based forms electronic and accessible to everyone throughout the intranet. This enables employees to save time and focus on more profitable areas of your business.


    An innovative crowd-sourcing feature that drives productivity and improves the collective knowledge of your company by allowing employees to post questions on the intranet and receive accurate solutions from the experts in your business.

    Question Bank

    Test the knowledge and understanding of employees throughout your workforce by simply building and distributing online tests. Authors have the ability to allocate pass marks and report on the results.


    Quickly add, assign and prioritise tasks for simple project, event or day-to-day management. Create tasks instantly from the Top Toolbar or set tasks within Team or Content Areas, offering maximum flexibility in supporting the way you work

    Event Calendar
    • Makes it easy to manage a wide range of event and meetings
    • People can indicate their attendance to a new event
    • Add to their outlook and be instantly notified of changes
    • Organise and filter events by department or location
    • Automatically download an iCal to add events directly into a user's calendar i.e. Outlook

  • intranetIconAnalytics-01

    We cannot manage that which we do not measure!

    Our solution has a powerful and comprehensive reporting tool that not only quickly tells you how your intranet is performing but also identifies where current issues lie and how you can resolve them.

    Profile Analytics

    Identify incomplete profiles quickly and target people who are below a certain %. Send instant reminder notifications via the analytics page to those who have incomplete profile pages.

    Search Analytics

    Understand what people are searching for to improve content and findability of information.

    Content Analytics

    Our intranet analytic tools will monitor content throughout your intranet assessing and scoring the quality of pages and identify when pages have expired or are rarely visited.

    Collaboration Analytics

    An easy way to report on what content is being liked, shared, discussed, answered and commented on.g.


    Our real-time benchmarking allows you to instantly see how you are performing against other intranets.

    Benchmarking intranet analytics gives you a great way to show how useful, well-used and vital your intranet is, helping to ensure continued top-level buy-in