Customer Surveys


A simple, clear and concise survey which highlights the priority needs of your customers in a manner which enables you to respond quickly in a proactive and value adding way.


Low cost, high value service

Independent, objective & easy to understand feedback

Develops understanding of loyalty drivers

Helps quickly & accurately identify areas for improvement activity

Involves customers in improvement activity through their suggestions

Captures and shares customer testimonials

Survey Design

Our customer surveys are designed in line with Net Promoter Score® methodology, a well-established, proven and elegant approach to measuring and increasing customer loyalty.

We will work with you to design a survey which will enable you to improve organisational performance in a timely and proactive manner.

Data Collection

Data is gathered in a hassle free, dynamic and timely manner so that you can respond to feedback proactively in order to improve your organisation’s performance.

Our surveys run seamlessly across mobile, email, SMS, and on-site enabling easy access and high response rates.

Analysis and Reporting

Our best-in-class analytics enable users to drill deep into trends and identify the root cause of issues with ease.

Your responses can be analysed by multiple segments, such as time period, geography, division, size of customer, product, service, agent, value of order or any other segment you can provide data on.

To ensure that the entire organisation from the top down buys in to your customer feedback program, a report that gives a weekly overview of emails sent, answers received, Net Promoter Score®, and comments can be automatically emailed to anyone in the organisation, from executives, to sales teams, to operational staff, or other stakeholders.

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